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  • Jesse Olivier

NNS Studios First Intro!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

"Video. Video has always been part of my life. I come from an artistic family, but I have always lent personally to creating on computers. I spent a few years abroad in Asia working . I traveled around working on various projects searching for what I want to do in the industry. After a few years I decided to pursue my own production company. I started it in Japan for about 1 year, and then relocated it to Canada. I call myself a video producer as I enjoy most managing projects, putting together great teams and seeing everything come together. However I personally have 10 years editing experience

I do anything from motion graphic animations, product commercials, social media content, or corporate type videos. My final goal is to have a company that is self sustaining that can fun my own creative projects, like short films and documentaries! I have a ways to go but everyone's dream starts somewhere. Mind just starts with one job at a time. " I hope you enjoyed this video!

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