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  • Jesse Olivier

Should you do Free Work or Take a Pay Cut? Video Production

Inspired by some recent Free work we have done in our community.

Helping Small Business Is Important (Video, Filming, Editing, Marketing) Freelancing is hard to get started. We cant speak to all industries, but in creative ones like ours (Video Production) you will hear all the same advice when getting started :

1. Ask Family And Friends 2. Offer free work to build your portfolio 3. Lower Your costs=Get Name out there We have a lot to say on this subject, and majority of it is pushing back against this, however in this post we want to discuss some reasons on why, whether you are a new freelancer or established company, should still get out there and offer cheaper alternatives to your local clients. Main Reasons :

1. Build Your Community

2. Getting to Know Your Peers 3. Establishing Yourself as a Member of the Community 1. Building Your Community We are not economists, but everyone has heard, supporting local business is important to your local economy. So unless you want to shop for everything at Wall-mart or Amazon and you want to the option to start your own business one day, we need to shop at the mom and pop shops near us to keep that possibility alive. This past summer we approached some businesses in our surrounding areas that we like and felt needed some more video presence . As a Video Producer, I am used to getting requests for jobs and hearing the utter shock on how much Video Production costs: "Oh wow, i didn't expect the quote to have that extra zero" "We only need 1 minute video. under $200.00 still seems like too much" "Maybe you can do the first one for cheap/ free and the next one we will pay your rate?" ect ect (some real quotes pulled from my emails) We know through all the volume of responses like this, that there is many small business that are struggling to afford marketing material. With the move to video, its an expensive buy in.

So we have dedicated 1-2 days a month to provided free / cheap video services to local business that cant afford it. We may not shop at every store in town, but we can help support them in this way to give them the best chance to complete or at least get to a level where they can afford to upgrade their video marketing material when they grow.

(We don't provide all the bells and whistles we normally would. But simple talking heads and quick shop overviews are simple enough to film and edit so we don't get consumed with editing for days).

NNS Studios - Support Local Business

2. Getting to Know Your Peers Lets face it, we are in the same boat as the new gluten free bakery down the street, flower shop downtown or independent auto body around the corner. We are all hunting new clients, trying to pay our bills and grow our businesses. It is these same struggles and obstacles that all small business share that we can all bond over. Doesn't matter what industry we are in. Getting to know the faces behind each of those store marquees has been a great experience for us. Not only does it lead to work down the road, but a lot of new friends. We have gone for countless coffee's, after hours beers, invited to personal and external events from many clients, just because we put relationships above getting into their wallets. Its easy to look at this and try and manipulate the system, however when you honestly show you care about your community and the individuals in it, the dividends will add up. It is a unfortunately reality for most. Many people are googling : "How can I get more clients" and this is not something you can just take action on today and see results tomorrow. But if you are serious about growing your business and being around for years to come, this is a factor you should take in early on.

3. Establishing yourself as a member of the community We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce as well as the surrounding cities. This is a great way to hear about all the events for local business, get involved in the community and in general give yourself a voice in your city relating to your business. However for us we want to help prop up all of our fellow businesses, so simply getting known as a member in our community that is there to support others is important to us. I mean majority of our business is predicated on the need for others to get their stories out there. So if they don't succeed, neither will we.

Therefore get involved whoever best suits your company. Put up a booth at festivals, get involved in the charities and local NPO's or however you can. Obviously be responsible with your financial situation and make sure you can keep your doors open, but when you can afford the time and resources, give back to your community. We can attest that it will come back with dividends in jobs and opportunities!

NNS team with Heroes for Sale

We are a Video Production company in the Fraser Valley in Canada. If you need any advice, support with a video based project let us know! We can help you with Video Production, Video Filming, Editing, Event Shooting, Recording audio, or simply consulting with and Video Marketing Just ask! info@nnsstudios.com

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